Clearing Firm Selection

Whether you are looking to start a broker-dealer, change from self-clearing to fully-disclosed clearing, or exploring the offerings of other clearing service providers to see if there is a better fit for your organization, Oyster is positioned to assist you with the selection process. Oyster offers a proven methodology to gather information, perform the analysis and provide unbiased recommendations. We work with all levels of your organization to capture the information needed to effectively evaluate the clearing firm and their services, ensuring they align with your mission, service goals and budget. Oyster will:

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph business with social network diagram and three colleagues discussing data in the background
  • Identify the key drivers in the clearing firm selection process
  • Provide analysis of Fully-Disclosed vs Self-Clearing
  • Develop and distribute a Request for Information (“RFI”) and Request for Proposal (“RFP”)
  • Collect initial responses and narrow the list of potential clearing firms
  • Coordinate discussions with selected finalists
  • Compile all due diligence information
  • Provide analysis from a client, service, operations, IT and financial perspective
  • Make a final recommendation if requested
  • Participate in contact negotiations as your advocate
  • Assist with the implementation and conversion

The Oyster Difference

We bring depth and breadth of experience in the clearing arena. Oyster consultants have been leaders at clearing firms and introducing firms, giving us a unique perspective that will serve you well during this process. Our unbiased approach provides factual and concrete examples of clearing services when determining the best clearing firm relationship.