Department of Labor Fiduciary Standard
Assessments and Compliance

The new Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule (DOL Rule) changes the meaning of “fiduciary” under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), expanding the definition of financial professionals who are deemed to be fiduciaries. It will impact across our industry, presenting challenges to many current business models. While the finalized DOL Rule is less burdensome than initially proposed, it is, nonetheless, expected to cause substantial change in the Financial Services industry. Advice provided to clients for qualified retirement plans and IRAs as well as other products are impacted by the DOL Rule.

Oyster Consulting is presenting a series of webinars to assist firms with their assessment, implementation and testing as the DOL Rule becomes active.  Recordings are available here:

Recording: Anatomy of a Risk Assessment – Preparing for the DOL Fiduciary Rule Change.

Recording: Now What –  Next Steps in Preparing for the DOL Fiduciary Rule Changes

Recording: Are Your Ready for April?  Training and Education Around the DOL Fiduciary Rule

Recording: Are You Ready for June 9th and the DOL Fiduciary Rule?

Recording: The Countdown Is On – What’s Your DOL Game Plan?

Recording: DOL Check-In: Where Are We Now?


Oyster Consulting provides assistance and is ready to help in the following ways:

As the various DOL Fiduciary Rule deadlines approach, your firm must assess its current business lines, investment offerings, compliance program and determine what changes will have to be made and how to best implement and monitor those changes.  For some firms, compliance with the rule will be an enormous undertaking, taxing firm resources. For others, implementation may mean making minor changes to policies and procedures.  If your firm has limited capacity to manage the necessary assessments, implementation, and monitoring, Oyster can supplement your staff. We can help to manage and guide your project to successful completion.

Please complete the form below to download more information on the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, including:

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Oyster DOL Fiduciary Rule Download

Oyster DOL Fiduciary Rule Download