Evan Rosser in Investor News Article FINRA Expected to Adopt CARDS Despite Vocal Industry Resistance

Evan Rosser, Senior Consultant at Oyster Consulting LLC and former Vice President and Director of Enforcement at FINRA and its predecessor, the National Association of Securities Dealers, was recently quoted in a November 16 Investor News article discussing the likelihood of FINRA adopting CARDS, an automated tracking system to detect abusive broker conduct. While some… READ MORE

High Frequency Trading Firm Sanctioned for “Marking the Close”

By: Mike Nolan What is Happening: High frequency trading is being scrutinized more closely than ever. For the first time, the SEC recently sanctioned a New York-based, high frequency trading firm for market manipulation. According to the SEC, for several months in 2009 the firm was using aggressive, rapid-fire trades during the final two minutes… READ MORE

Elder Financial Abuse: Best Practices to Keep Your Clients Protected

Elder financial abuse is on the rise, and will likely increase as the Boomer generation continues to age. Investors over the age of 50 control 70% of the nation’s wealth, making them ripe for recruiting as clients, and unfortunately, targets. As the number of elder abuse claims grows, the SEC has increased its scrutiny of… READ MORE